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Oleo Bone

Shadows & reflections

When we retouch product photos, we try to preserve a realistic look and
this involves fixing shadows. Another important adjustment is reflections.
This is especially important for objects with a glass surface.

Scratches and Tears Restoration
“Don’t let scratches and tears mar your precious memories. Our photo restoration experts will skillfully repair and restore photos damaged by scratches, tears, or folds. Rediscover the clarity and detail of your cherished moments.”

Colorization of Black and White Photos
“Step into the past with vibrant colors! Our colorization service breathes new life into black-and-white photos, adding realistic and historically accurate colors. Experience the joy of seeing your ancestors and historical moments in living color.”

Water Damage Restoration
Description: “Overcome the effects of water damage on your photos. Our restoration service specializes in repairing photos damaged by water, ensuring that memories aren’t lost to moisture. Trust us to revive your water-damaged photos with precision and care.”

Vintage Photo Repair
“Preserve the charm of your vintage photos with our expert vintage photo repair service. We delicately restore faded colors, repair cracks, and bring back the details that time may have taken away. Cherish your memories with a beautifully restored vintage touch.”