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Oleo Bone

Clipping path/masking

Basic Clipping Path

Basic Clipping Path “Ensure clean and precise outlines with our basic clipping path service. Perfect for simple shapes and objects, we meticulously trace around your subject, providing a clear and defined cutout. Ideal for e-commerce product images and straightforward compositions.”

Clipping path
Complex Clipping Path

“For intricate and detailed images, our complex clipping path service is the solution. Whether it’s intricate jewelry, intricate apparel, or complex shapes, our skilled editors ensure a flawless cutout, preserving every detail with precision.”

Clipping path

Multi-Path for Color Correction
“Achieve color perfection with our multi-path service. We create separate paths for different color components, making it easy to adjust and enhance specific elements individually. Ideal for product images that require targeted color correction.”

Clipping path

Clipping Path with Shadow Creation
“Bring depth and realism to your images with our clipping path and shadow creation service. We not only isolate your subject but also add natural shadows, making it seamlessly integrate into any background. Perfect for creating a professional and realistic look.”